Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising through Sponsorship

Sponsorship of canal related activity is a popular way of fundraising.  Sponsorship by family, friends and colleagues of a range of activities can take many forms, for example, you may be sponsored for

  • a towpath walk – 33 miles, Nottingham to Grantham
  • organising and/ or participating in a towpath marathon
  • wildlife identification competition
  • Become a “pound-for-pound” sponsor – look into matched giving either personally or working in partnership with the organisation you work for.

    Why Support the Grantham Canal?

    We seek to bring the canal back to the centre of everyday life for communities and visitors alike

    Since late 1960’s a succession of people in various guises have developed and pursued a vision of the full restoration of the Grantham Canal, a 33 mile long green waterway corridor from Grantham to Nottingham, preserving an important wildlife habitat and with the potential to create jobs and local business opportunities.

    Your gift, through donation, sponsorship or legacy. could be of a general nature or you may wish to be remembered for supporting a specific project or initiative on the canal.

    Make a Donation to The Grantham Canal Society

    All donations are used to help support the work of the GCS.  Donations can be made to our general fund and larger donations may be dedicated to specific projects such as lock chamber restoration or lock gate construction and installation

    Money is always welcome but donations can take many forms.  Plant and materials for the physical restoration process, linked to the projects planned or underway on the canal, are especially welcome by our working parties.

    Grantham Canal Beermats
    A set of 5 mats with the logos of the 4 breweries who sponsored the project with 5 line drawings of the canal by local artist Derek Perkins. A collectors item, limited edition. Buy a set – make a donation (minimum of £2-50 for p&p) – contact to order via