Why Support the Grantham Canal?

Since late 1960’s a succession of people in various guises have developed and pursued a vision of the full restoration of the Grantham Canal, a 33 mile long green waterway corridor from Grantham to Nottingham, preserving an important wildlife habitat and with the potential to create jobs and local business opportunities.

The Grantham Canal has the potential to be one of Britains most beautiful active canals and we seek to bring the canal back to the centre of everyday life for communities and visitors alike

Volunteer activity has already resulted in several million pounds worth of work having been completed as we work to restore it to the navigable, sustainable gem of the English countryside that it deserves to be.

Your contribution, through donation, sponsorship or legacy. could be of a general nature or you may wish to be remembered for supporting a specific project or initiative on the canal.


Become a Corporate Sponsor of “The Grantham”


The Grantham Canal Society seeks to develop a Corporate Supporters’ Scheme to help engage employees, your customers and clients in the canal, and demonstrate your organisations commitment to our natural and historical environment.  Doing something worthwhile is a great stimulus for any employee, allowing them to experience a tremendous sense of awareness and achievement.


The Benefits we can offer may be limited but they are heartfelt….


1. A free annual trip on our narrowboat, “The Three Shires


2. Volunteering days under the auspices of the GCS Restoration Team provide an interesting solution for those looking for team building and staff development ideas that are a little out of the ordinary.


3. Workplace talks by Grantham Canal Society senior members will introduce your staff to any aspect of the canal from its history, through our strategy for restoration, current campaigns and the most recent developments along the canal.


4. Themed towpath walks giving an insight into the history, canal operations, the wildlife and environment plus the restoration and behind the scenes GCS activity.


To talk to us about the “Corporate Supporters’ Scheme” please ring  Angie Howard on 01509 673472 or email us on membership@granthamcanal.com giving full contact details and we will be pleased to talk to you.


Leaving “The Grantham” a Legacy


We need your help. We will never be a rich charity (contradiction in terms) nor do we receive government funding, so we rely heavily on YOUR support. Without it, we could not restore or sustain the canal.  Help us create a positive future – the future is green (with a continuous thread of water running through it).

No matter how small, leaving something to us in your Will really makes a difference. The combined generosity of members who remember us in their Wills could add up to something truly amazing.  You can be confident that your gift will have a real impact. 



Fundraising through Sponsorship


Sponsorship of canal related activity is a popular way of fundraising.  Sponsorship by family, friends and colleagues of a range of activities can take many forms, for example, you may be sponsored for


  • a towpath walk – 33 miles, Nottingham to Grantham
  • organising and/ or participating in a towpath marathon
  • wildlife identification competition


Become a “pound-for-pound” sponsor – look into matched giving either personally or working in partnership with the organisation you work for.


Make a Donation to The Grantham Canal Society


All donations are used to help support the work of the GCS.  Donations can be made to our general fund and larger donations may be dedicated to specific projects such as lock chamber restoration or lock gate construction and installation


Money is always welcome but donations can take many forms.  Plant and materials for the physical restoration process, linked to the projects planned or underway on the canal, are especially welcome by our working parties.


GIFT AID DECLARATION (for all UK tax payers):

“I agree to the Grantham Canal Society claiming tax under the Gift Aid scheme on my subscription until I advise otherwise. I confirm that I am paying an amount of UK Income tax and/or Capital Gains tax that at least equals the amount the charity will reclaim (currently 28p for every pound that I give).”


And to help even further….

…donate your old …

–       Stamp Collection

–       Beermats and Pump Clips

–       12” vinyl LPs and CDs

–       Copies of “Viz”, “Private Eye”, etc

–       Model Railway Trains and Track

… we can sell on all kinds of items and every little helps