Grantham Canal Partnership

The Grantham Canal Partnership

Chairman: Michael Rowan DL

The Grantham Canal Partnership (GCP) was formed in 1997 to work in coalition with the Grantham Canal Society.  The GCP is an unincorporated body which exists to coordinate the work of the various public bodies who have an involvement in the restoration of the canal.

Membership comprises of the following organisations:

  • The Canal and River Trust (CRT), freehold owners of the majority of the canal

The six local authorities through which the canal runs:

  • Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Leicestershire County Council
  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • Rushcliffe Borough Council
  • Melton Borough Council
  • South Kesteven District Council

Organisations with an interest:

  • The Wildlife Trust
  • Natural England
  • Inland Waterways Association
  • The Grantham Canal Society

Aims and Objectives:

The stated purpose of the GCP is:

‘To reopen the Grantham Canal to full navigation from the River Trent in Nottingham to the centre of Grantham’

By implication, this commits all members to achieving this outcome – unfortunately with no stated timescale.

Current situation (2014)

2012 saw the abolition of British Waterways and the formation of the Canal and River Trust.  This new registered charity is responsible for managing the majority of navigable waterways within England and Wales.  There has been a huge shift in emphasis for restoration in general; the Grantham Canal in particular is being given enthusiastic support.  This coincides with a vast amount of work being undertaken by volunteer members of the Grantham Canal Society on specific projects.

With the ever growing expertise and an excellent spirit of cooperation with CRT, these demonstration projects are attracting the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, and provide excellent examples of just what can be achieved.

The way forward:

The situation we find ourselves, is set against the background of the worst financial crisis in living memory.  There does now, at least, appear to be some light at the end of the tunnel.  It is very important for everyone involved with the Grantham Canal, to be ready to move forward when funding, from whichever source, becomes available.

In pursuit of this; if we are to make real progress, it is vital we have a fully designated and costed scheme for the complete project.  This will include, not only the physical aspect, but also to address the commercial, sustainability and environmental issues, which are key to a successful outcome.

Led by CRT, as client, the preferred contractual route, would be for a suitably experienced company of consulting engineers to be engaged to prepare a feasibility study.  This would lead to appointing consultants covering all aspects of the whole project, in order to prepare finalised designs, working drawings and cost estimates.  These will enable work to start on a specific project quickly; either by a singularly designated contactor (preferred), or broken down into stages.

Every effort needs to be made in achieving the shortest possible timescale for the reopening of the Grantham Canal.

We thank all those organisations involved in the Grantham Canal Partnership, for their continued and much valued support.

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English NatureWildlife Trust

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