Situations Vacant

These volunteer roles are essential in enabling the society to continue in its work – a great way to offer your support!


Company Secretary: Ideally you will have a legal background, offering advice on procedure and company matters

Fundraiser: Funding is fundamental.  Our fundraiser wishes some help with identifying grants and funds which support our work and to assist with the application process

Volunteer Coordinator: To welcome new volunteers into the society, and assist in allocating volunteers to specific tasks as required (Post filled)

Ecology Officer: Liaise with Canal and River Trust Ecologists, Wildlife Trusts etc. Keeping the society informed on ecology matters

Head Ranger: Correlate rangers’ reports, call meetings and welcome new rangers to the team (post filled)

Proactive people: Management and project management skills? We have a project waiting for you to drive and make your own – with support from the team. Get in touch if you have skills to offer!

Enquiring is not a commitment.

To find out more: Initial enquiry:


Your support in these roles enables us to continue restoring this important part of our heritage





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