Corvus – The next stage & how you can help

As explained earlier, the plan has been to:

  • survey Corvus – to check the state she’s in  – undertaken Summer 2007
  • conserve Corvus – to protect her from rust, damage etc.
  • draw up a detailed plan of action and programme
  • restore those major elements – e.g. hull, cabin, engine – that form parts of the future plans for Corvus
  • modernise the staff facilities (e.g. toilet, cooking) where appropriate
  • convert half of the open hold into a covered meeting room / exhibition space
  • enclose the other half in the sheeted style of a traditional working narrowboat – to provide security and cover in bad weather and an open space in good weather
  • transfer the modernised Corvus, to be a really useful community facility on the restored Grantham Canal

Unfortunately, lack of resources – both financial and human – has restricted progress to date (August 2008). The first of these has now been eased, with St Hugh’s being awarded a £10,000 ‘Awards for All’ grant by the National Lottery, towards this worthwhile project.*

What the College and Corvus project most need now are:

  • further offers of financial assistance, sponsorship of materials etc.
  • offers of adult assistance / advice / mentoring – especially (but not only) from practical individuals with project management, engineering, maintenance or boating experience

*Unfortunately, the work hoped for at St Hugh’s School, didn’t come to fruition.  Corvus still lies in wait for someone to lead her restoration project.