Fueled by Biodiesel

Once restored, it is planned to run MV Corvus on biodiesel. Biodiesel is a renewable energy source made from used cooking oil by a process known as transesterification. The vegetable oil undergoes a chemical reaction with methanol, in the presence of a sodium hydroxide catalyst. The resulting biodiesel has many of the properties of standard diesel fuel and can be used in diesel engines without modification. Biodiesel is virtually carbon neutral because the carbon dioxide released when the fuel is burnt was taken in by the rape or soya plants as they were growing. There’s no net contribution to greenhouse gasses.

We use only vegetable oils which have already been used for cooking and which would otherwise be consigned to the waste stream. This is much more environmentally friendly than using virgin oils as a feedstock.


If you produce waste cooking oil and would like to help fuel the Corvus, we would be pleased to collect, free of charge, amounts of 20 litres or more. A waste transfer note will be provided, as required by the Environment Agency, so that you can show your used cooking oil has been disposed of responsibly. Please ring 07974 390580 or click here