Trent Link Proposal 2022

The Trent Link

Included in the Grantham Canal Restoration Plan 2021 – 2030, is to establish legal protection for the Trent Link.

Those who’ve been following our progress over the years, will be aware of the ‘Polser Brook’ route.  Favourite for many years, this route is not without its challenges.

Gamston Fields, the proposed development east of Lings Bar (A52), has presented us with the possibility of another opportunity for which to reconnect the canal to the River Trent.

The Grantham Canal Society has been in preliminary discussion with Nottingham County Council, National Highways and other stakeholders regarding this new opportunity.


Overview showing the proposed new Trent Link in relation to the Gamston Fields development. Click to enlarge


Gamston Fields development. Click to enlarge

Proposed Trent Link. Click the link below for the PDF version giving greater clarity

Trent Link Map 416-02rev1