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This represents only a fraction of the work we’ve achieved over the years in pursuit of our ultimate aim in returning the canal to full navigation.

Our volunteers work tirelessly(?) – give us the tools, materials and funding – and we’ll get the job done!

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Your support is invaluable to us!


The Canal and River Trust, predominant owners of the canal are supportive of the work we do.  They share our aim of returning the Grantham Canal to full navigation.  We work closely with them; the restoration of the Woolsthorpe Flight is a working partnership between the Grantham Canal Society and the Trust. 


John A. Stephens Ltd

The Grantham Canal Society and the Grantham Canal Partnership extends warm thanks for the continued support of John A. Stephens.

The East Midlands largest independent suppliers of  building and construction materials.




Two members of staff of Barnstone Cement Works, part of Tarmac, are volunteering their time to support Grantham Canal Society.

Josie Morrissey, Environmental Co-ordinator and John Moore from Barnstone’s Commercial Team first got involved with canal clearing at Harlaxton Wharf, helping the team to cut up logs that were retrieved from the canal. With Josie and John knowing a fair bit about cement, they are also advising the Society on grout and cement mixes. This includes being involved with the investigation work carried out on Lock 17 to help prevent its walls from leaking and they are also hoping to secure some cement that the company can donate for the refurbishment of Lock 15.

Josie Morrissey from Tarmac Barnstone Cement Works said: “We’ve really enjoyed the project so far. It’s great to be involved in preserving a historic feature of the countryside which supports so much local wildlife and is somewhere where so many people spend their leisure time.”



The Inland Waterways Association has been very supportive of the Grantham Canal Society and Partnership over many years.  The IWA provided a very substantial grant in 2010 which was crucial to the rescue of Lock 18 when the offside wall cracked and we were threatened with losing the use of the lock altogether.


HLF Small

The ‘Grantham Canal Heritage Initiative’ (GCHI) would not have been possible were it not for the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.  This grant of £850,300 is currently (2015) enabling the restoration of more locks in the Woolsthorpe Flight.


Lincolnshire County Council

The Lincolnshire County Council have in the past been supportive of the restoration of the canal.  They were instrumental in the raising of Casthorpe Road Bridge, along with SKDC and a derelict Land Grant from the East Midlands Development Agency.



WREN have been very supportive of the canal restoration process. They made very significant contributions to the rejuvenation of Harlaxton Wharf and also the new landing stage above Lock 18 at Woolsthorpe from which our trip boat “The Three Shires” currently operates.

WREN have generously funded materials for the Grantham Canal Heritage Initiative (GCHI) project (2015/16) – restoring the Woolsthorpe Lock Flight – supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.



The Big Lottery Fund; with their ‘Awards For All’, enabled us to set up our Canal Rangers Team.  This team continues to go from strength to strength – not only keeping the towpath clear of litter and dealing with issues, but also in forming links with the wider community.



South Kesteven District Council

In 2003 the Grantham Canal Partnership made a presentation to the Chief Executive and the inner cabinet of SKDC suggesting that the restoration of the canal basin could provide a major regeneration opportunity in a part of the town that was substantially derelict.  They took our proposition on board and have spent time and effort evaluating the opportunity and potential benefits in the years since then.

We continue to receive help and support from SKDC elected members who sit on the Grantham Canal Partnership and who represent our cause to the wider council.


Rushcliffe Borough Council


Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership

The Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership have achieved great success in its mission to revitalise the waterways system in the county and the Grantham Canal has been a beneficiary of LWP’s activity.  They contributed to the “Three Shires” trip boat project and to the new moorings at the A1.  We hope to secure their future support as we continue to restore the Lincolnshire section of the Grantham Canal.


In 2011 B&Q very kindly gave the Grantham Canal Society a voucher for £1000 towards materials and equipment to be used in the restoration process. Our thanks to B&Q and we look forward to their future support.



The restoration of the Grantham Canal would not have progressed as far as it has done today, were it not for the many thousands of volunteer hours, not to mention expertise, put in by the Waterway Recovery Group!


The Donald Forrester Trust

The Trust has been particularly supportive in the GCHI Project (restoring the Woolsthorpe Flight of locks).


Worth Waynflete Foundation

The foundation has supported us in the GCHI Project.


Invest SK have been, and continue to be very supportive to our Fundraising Team


South Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service have been so helpful in us accessing SKDC’s Community Fund


Greatly assist us with Staff Corporate Days


Swimarathon 2019 was the 30th organised by Grantham Rotary, becoming a nationally recognised event. Congratulations to Grantham Rotarians on this achievement.  During these years it has grown from a 1 day to a 3 day event, raising in total over £850,000 for the Grantham area schools, charities and good causes.
Total raised this year was in excess of £40,000!  Our thanks go to Grantham Rotary for their donation of £500, in recognition and support of GCS in this and previous years.  We also thank the many participants who raised sponsorship and took part in this fun event.   



Alex Leeson-Brown
Web design, SEO & Social Media by Alex Leeson-Brown

Alex Leeson-Brown kindly offered, in early 2011, to design a new website for the Grantham Canal. A recent multi-media technology graduate Alex is a professional web designer, developer and marketeer. This new, state-of-the art CMS site gives us a very flexible and developable resource. Many thanks Alex for this significant boost to our ability to communicate effectively with members, sponsors and the wider community.