Public Transport

Using the bus

Click the link for bus timetables which will allow you to gain access to the canal from Grantham – or even Loughborough!

The villages of Harlaxton, Denton and Woolsthorpe all give access to the canal – although it maybe something like a mile’s walk in some cases.

Harlaxton ‘Gregory Arms’ stop is the nearest to the canal.

Denton Village hall stop gives you a lovely walk around the reservoir, before joining the canal.

Woolsthorpe stop is the longest walk to gain access to the canal – suggest you ask to get off at Brewer’s Grave, the Gatehouse between Denton and Woolsthorpe – which is where the Viking Way crosses the road heading down to the canal.

You’ll need an O/S map to find your way along the various footpaths to and from the canal. Note the permissive path from Denton Reservoir to Denton Wharf.

Please only use the timetable as a guide – times and services change

Timetables for accessing canal

Using the train

Grantham is served by the east coast mainline and the Nottingham – Skegness line (Poacher Line)

The canal can be accessed about one mile from Grantham Railway Station.

From Bottesford on the Poacher Line, it’s a pleasant walk through the villages of Easthorpe and Muston to join the canal. A study of the map will show the way.