The Environmental Case For Restoration

The Grantham Canal is already a rich habitat for wildlife. But restoration will make it even better. The “dry” section of the canal will once again be in water, whilst levels throughout its whole length will increase. Restoring the flow-through from the reservoirs means stagnant, deoxygenated water will be a thing of the past. Fish, along with waterfowl and aquatic animals, will return to the whole length of the canal so the wildlife “corridor” between Nottingham and Grantham will be reinstated. Taking into account the many environmental considerations, careful and sympathetic management restoration can only enhance conditions for all living things, both in and around this beautiful waterway.

You can download a copy of the Grantham Canal Ecological Impact Study undertaken by the Environmental Consultants University of Sheffield (ECUS), which proves a well managed restored navigation can be beneficial to the canals ecology, it also sets out priorities for future restoration.

For ease of viewing and download the study is broken into 5 sections each a compressed “ZIP” file:

1. Main pages
2. “Figures”
3. Appendix Main
4. Appendix 01-40
5. Appendix 41-58