The Woolsthorpe Flight

Follow our progress as we continue to restore the Woolsthorpe Flight

Locks 12 – 15

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If you’d like to help us in this iconic project – carry on reading…

Volunteering opportunities

Grantham Canal Heritage Initiative (GCHI)


Some volunteer roles have changed since the video was produced

The Grantham Canal Society working in partnership with the Canal and River Trust

Following the successful HLF application to restore more locks in the Woolsthorpe Flight – we are currently recruiting additional volunteers. Update: Locks 14 & 15 are now complete.  We are currently seeking funding for Lock 13; the penultimate lock in this flight of seven.

Brief outline of the skills required:

  • Construction/building
  • Plant operation
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Supervisory
  • Administration
  • If you don’t do any of this stuff – don’t go away!  Read on…

We need oodles of people with eminently adaptable general life skills – there will be a job for you!

Between us – we have enough skills to get this job done – contact us today!

Training available where required.

This is a great opportunity to get involved in this worthwhile project – be part of something BIG!

Whether you have an hour to spare here and there, or more time on your hands – we have a job for almost everyone.

  • 16+ looking for work experience?
  • Add substance to your CV – stand out from the crowd?
  • Retired?
  • Working part-time?

There is a large community element to this project.  This will include the gathering and disseminating of information, working with schools and community groups etc.

This type of work would suit:

  • Ex Education professionals
  • Youth group leaders
  • Good communicators who enjoy working with people of all ages

Whilst we’re engaged with the huge task of restoring locks, our usual work also needs to continue. For more details of this: volunteering opportunities. We’re always pleased to welcome you on any of our teams to provide help with:

  • Boat trips
  • Canal maintenance
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Events
  • Learning Team activities
  • Canal Rangers

Volunteering opportunities really do range from making tea and baking cakes to building locks and driving dumpers, with just about everything in between!  

Want to know more?  Contact:  

We look forward to welcoming you!

No time to volunteer – but still wish to offer support?  Simply by becoming a member of the society, you help us enormously.  By becoming a member you support our hard working volunteers.  Healthy membership numbers make it easier for us to obtain funding – it demonstrates we have the support of the community!

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